Capital Rotary wins the semi-annual Yelm Rotary bowling tournament fundraiser.
The story:  It was an exciting night in Yelm, Washington at Prairie Lanes. The Yelm Rotary Club hosted their third tournament for the Rotary Clubs in in Thurston County.  They have a Fall and Spring tournament respectively. One year ago, the Olympia-Capital Rotary Club won the first challenge by just two pins from the Hawks Prairie Club. At the Spring 2014 event, the Hawks Prairie Club handily won the tournament and captured the trophy. It goes without saying Hawks Prairie has become our nemesis, at least on the lanes.

On November 11, 2014 the Fall challenge took place. This year eight teams competed for the trophy. Beside the Capital Rotary team, the following Rotary clubs competed; Tumwater, Yelm, West Olympia, Olympia, Gateway and this year Hawks Prairie stacked the deck by brining two teams.
David Brooks from our team was rather bold before the competition began by announcing the Capital Club was here to recapture the trophy. The completion was fierce to say the least. But came down to the very two teams that already had their names engraved on the trophy, the Olympia Capital Club and the Hawks Prairie Club. After two hard fought games, it came down to the final frame and player for the Hawks Prairie team. In order to beat the Capital Club's total pin fall of 1662, he would have to strike his first two balls in the tenth frame. The first ball was delivered, it was a perfect strike flush in the pocket. As he set himself to deliver the crucial second ball, there was silence, except for the sixties rock and roll music blasting over the loud speakers. The ball was slightly light in the pocket for an 8 count leaving the 2 & 8 pins. He converted for a total of 1659. Capital wins by 3 pins. Another nail biter for sure.This is the template with image at the left side and floating text on the right side.